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Poor Economics Poor Economics
The Surprising Truth about Life on Less Than $1 a Day
Author: Abhijit V. Banerjee
Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
Format: Paperback
9780718193669, 0718193660
Macroeconomics , Macroeconomics ,

Behind the Beautiful Forevers Behind the Beautiful Forevers
Life, Death and Hope in a Mumbai Slum
Author: Katherine Boo
Publisher: Granta Books
Format: Paperback
Development Studies , Development Studies , Poverty & Unemployment , Urban Communities , Sociology ,

Development as Freedom Development as Freedom
Author: Amartya Sen
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Format: Paperback
Social Theory

Poor Economics Poor Economics
A Radical Rethinking of the Way to Fight Global Poverty
Author: Abhijit Banerjee
Publisher: PublicAffairs U.S.
Format: Paperback
9781610390934, 1610390938
Macroeconomics , Macroeconomics ,

Dead Aid Dead Aid
Why Aid Is Not Working and How There Is a Better Way for Africa
Author: Dambisa F Moyo
Publisher: Farrar Straus and Giroux Inc
Format: Paperback
9780374532123, 0374532125
Development Studies , Development Studies , Central Government Policies , International Relations , Development Economics , Development Economics , Political Economy , Political Economy ,

The Divide The Divide
A Brief Guide to Global Inequality and its Solutions
Author: Jason Hickel
Publisher: Cornerstone
Format: Paperback
Development Studies , Development Studies ,

Behind the Beautiful Forevers Behind the Beautiful Forevers
Life, death, and hope in a Mumbai undercity
Author: Katherine Boo
Publisher: Random House USA Inc
Format: Hardback
9781400067558, 1400067553
Development Studies , Development Studies , Asian History , Poverty & Unemployment , Urban Communities , Central Government Policies ,

Bad Samaritans Bad Samaritans
The Guilty Secrets of Rich Nations and the Threat to Global Prosperity
Author: Ha Joon Chang
Publisher: Cornerstone
Format: Paperback
9781905211371, 1905211376
International Economics , International Economics ,

The End of Poverty The End of Poverty
Economic Possibilities for Our Time
Author: Jeffrey D. Sachs
Publisher: Penguin Putnam Inc
Format: Paperback
9780143036586, 0143036580
Poverty & Unemployment , Economics , Economics , Development Economics , Development Economics ,

Neo-Colonialism Neo-Colonialism
Publisher: ZED BOOKS LTD
Format: Paperback
9780901787231, 090178723X
International Economics , International Economics ,

The Bottom Billion The Bottom Billion
Why the Poorest Countries are Failing and What Can Be Done About It
Author: Paul Collier
Publisher: Oxford University Press Inc
Format: Paperback
9780195373387, 0195373383
Development Studies , Development Studies ,

The Looting Machine The Looting Machine
Warlords, Tycoons, Smugglers and the Systematic Theft of Africa's Wealth
Author: Tom Burgis
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Format: Paperback
Petroleum & Oil Industries

The Blue Sweater The Blue Sweater
Bridging the Gap Between Rich and Poor in an Interconnected World
Author: Jacqueline Novogratz
Publisher: Rodale Press
Format: Paperback
9781605294766, 1605294764
Memoirs , Development Studies , Development Studies , Poverty & Unemployment , Microeconomics , Microeconomics , Development Economics , Development Economics , Non profitmaking Organizations , Guidebooks ,

Kleptopia Kleptopia
How Dirty Money is Conquering the World
Author: Tom Burgis
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Format: Paperback
9780008308384, 0008308381
Corporate Crime

Kicking Away the Ladder Kicking Away the Ladder
Development Strategy in Historical Perspective
Author: Ha Joon Chang
Publisher: Anthem Press
Format: Paperback
9781843310273, 1843310279
Economic Theory & Philosophy , Economic Theory & Philosophy , Development Economics , Development Economics , Economic History , Economic History , International Business ,

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